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Community Champions

In every community setting there are a group of people who want to make change. To make their neighbourhood, community, sporting club or workplace a safe space for all.

NO MORE cannot achieve our goals alone and that's why we "LINK UP" with all parts of community: men and women, individuals and organisations. Together we can make the biggest difference.

Our goal is to identify champions of change who we can support to mobilise their own circle of influence. The people on this page are those champions. They want to see a difference in their community and they are prepared to help their communities make the change. 

We heed your call.  

Bobby Nunggumajbarr - Ngukkur
Bobby Nunggumajbarr is an Aboriginal Community Leader of Ngukkur, including the chair of Yugul Mangi Corporation. Bobby is a big supporter of NO MORE Thanks Bobby for your support and we look forward to working more with you to keep families safe in Ngukkur.
Roslyn Frith - Kalkarindji
Roslyn Frith is a Gurindji Traditional Owner and wants to see her community be safe. Roslyn wears many hats in Kalkarindji including leading the Night Patrol, previously the Chair of the Katherine West Health Board and is a recognised artist.
Jakamarra Nelson (dec) - Yuendumu
Jakamarra Nelson was one of the first men that NO MORE founder, Charlie King, spoke to back in 2006 when he was travelling to remote communities. Harry was one of the men that said "no more, no more" - for these men it means " we don't want it, take it away, we don't need it". Years later we are still heading this call.
Jordann Hickey - Gold Coast Suns AFL player
Jordann Hickey was the first player from Central Australia to be drafted to the AFLW. Jordann is a product of the NT Thunder and Pinktails women’s teams and wants domestic and family violence to stop. Jordann was back in Alice Springs and wanted to show her support for what we do.