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Donate to help us make change

Everyone has the power to make a meaningful impact in their community, even without the time, specific knowledge, or skills to do so directly. Linking up with NO MORE which has the expertise and urgently needs the resources, creates a win-win-win situation.  Your donation empowers us to continue our vital work (you win), using our knowledge and experience to make a tangible impact on ending family violence (we win). Your financial support plays a crucial role in fostering a safer, stronger community for everyone (our community wins).

NO MORE has a footprint right across the Northern Territory, and beyond. Having worked for so long in the Territory the NO MORE message has spread far and wide. This has been accomplished through Charlie’s persistence, media campaigns, events and visits to almost every NT community over the years.

Community mobilisation work needs to be systematic and long-term rather than adhoc and one-off activities. We need to generate a critical mass of people and groups, and the activities need to be community-led.

With the great geographic distance between our towns and remote communities, we need  to be present frequently enough to support the local champions to lead change. We need to support volunteers, partners and workers right across the Territory to the best of our ability.

Your support can help us sustain and increase this crucial presence and drive meaningful change. Read more HERE.

Your donation is valued and appreciated, and all donations about $2 are tax deductible.

Clicking on the donate now button will take you to a donation page auspiced by CatholicCare NT. All donations through this page go directly to the NO MORE Campaign and the work we do.