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Supporter Stories

Jeff Borella, Nightcliff FC President

Nightcliff Football Club

Nightcliff Football Club was the first sporting club in Australia to develop a Domestic Violence Action Plan (DVAP). It’s created a positive feeling amongst the players and the community that we’ve made a decision to do something about domestic violence, not just in our club, but also in our community; the two melt together. We are role models in the community and by having a DVAP, it shows that we care about all of our club members and their families.

We know that family and domestic violence destroys families; it’s a negative experience for everyone. Our club is taking ownership and we are doing something about the problem, we don’t shift it onto someone else. Instead of kicking a player out of the club, if found guilty of domestic violence, we work with them and get them the support that they need to help change their behaviour. 

Our coaches promote respect and anti-violence messages throughout the teams. We have a NO MORE family violence sign in the change rooms that constantly reminds players and coaches what the club stands for. We have to keep it positive that we are making a change in our community.

As an individual, I do my part in spreading the NO MORE family violence message by talking to other people in the community about the DVAP and the importance that we all do our part as a community to take a stand against family violence.