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John Kassaras, President of University Azzurri FC

University Azzurri Football Club

While family and domestic violence usually happens behind closed doors, the harm caused by it is long lasting, and it extends into the broader community. Family and domestic violence affects the way victims, including children, interact and participate in society.

One underlying root cause of family violence is the lack of respect in relationships. Having respect in relationships helps define acceptable behaviours and set boundaries around the treatment of others, whether they’re family, friends or acquaintances. Without respect there is no consideration for the feelings and wellbeing of others.

University Azzurri FC is a club that takes pride in being family friendly and recognises the leadership role it can play fostering positive change in our community through our affiliations in sport.

As president of the club, I can help promote the NO MORE campaign and implement policy and programs in our club that build and sustain positive attitudes, life choices and behaviours that reinforce the message that violence in any form is not acceptable.

Ignoring the issue won’t help address this community wide problem. Education and raising awareness about family and domestic violence, the impacts, and the help available to victims is essential, if as a community, we are serious about dealing with this issue.