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Demons and Power say NO MORE to domestic violence

Players from the Melbourne and Port Adelaide Football Clubs will make a stand against domestic violence at tonight’s historic AFL premiership clash at TIO Traeger Park in Alice Springs. 

The players will link arms on the ground before the game to support the ‘No More’ to family violence and child abuse campaign. 

“I congratulate the Demons and Power for their support in delivering this powerful message on the national stage during the Indigenous Round of the AFL,” Chief Minister Adam Giles said. 

“I am deeply disturbed by the high levels of family violence in our community and I want to do more to prevent it. Part of this is process working with men to build them up by providing positive role models, in this case, through sport."

“These players are setting a proud example to men about acceptable behaviour in our community and their willingness to speak out should be commended. 

“Campaigns like this are an important step towards stamping out domestic abuse for good.” 

The ‘No More’ campaign was formed in 2006 and is a joint initiative between CatholicCare NT and men across the Territory. 

Chairman of the NT Indigenous Men’s Advisory Council, Charlie King, worked closely with the AFL to ensure the ‘no more’ message could be delivered at today’s historic AFL match in Alice Springs. 

Minister For Women’s Policy Bess Price said she welcomed the gesture. 

“Domestic and family violence remains a critical issue for Territorians and I thank the Melbourne and Port Adelaide Football Clubs for helping to raise awareness about domestic and family violence,” Mrs Price said. 

“As a community, we can no longer remain silent on this issue and I hope today’s powerful gesture not only raises awareness, but ultimately helps end the cycle of domestic violence in our community. 

“For those victims who are unable to speak for themselves, we must offer support, and for those who perpetrate abuse, we must condemn them and say ‘no more’ to violence.” 

Anyone interested in finding out more information about the no more campaign can visit the website:

Media Contact: 

Danielle Parry (Chief Minister) 0413 081 801 

Lauren Crawley (Minister Price) 0417 145 050