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Indigenous Males Advisory Council

The Indigenous Males Advisory Council is a government council of Indigenous men, run through the NO MORE campaign and Men's Policy Unit. Stemming from the Aboriginal Men's Forum, the group meets four times annually at Parliament house to discuss family violence from the Indigenous perspective. The most recent meeting was held June 9 2015.

The council is able to initiate changes in communities through its unique position as a governmental advisory body. This means the group has regular access to top politicians, such as Adam Giles and Bess Price, to express the issues facing Indigenous men across the territory. The government then must respond to these issues. At the time of writing, the third set of recommendations has been submitted to government, and large investment from the government is expected in supporting strong Indigenous men across the Territory to reduce family violence in their communities.

The council has been privileged to host guests such as Adam Giles (Chief Minister of the NT Government), Paul Linossier (CEO of Our Watch), John Elferink (Minister), Bess Price (Minister), Mike Chiodo (CEO DoCS), Joanne Sangster (Director, NTG Domestic Violence Directorate), Joe Morrison (CEO NLC), Ross Coburn (CEO St John's Ambulance NT), David Suttle and Yirrininba Dhurrkay (ARDS), Eileen Cummings, Frank Spry and Maurie Ryan (NTSGAC), Lani Brennan, Buzz Bidstrup (Jimmy Little Foundation), Emma Partridge (Our Watch), Andrew Blaney, Willie Cossack, Denis Coolwell and Francis Haywood (Strong Bala).

The next IMAC meeting is scheduled for September 22nd - if you or a member of your community would like to bring an issue to IMAC don't hesitate to call the NO MORE campaign on 1800 899 855 to have it brought before the council.

If you or someone you know would like to nominate themselves for the council, please contact the Men's Policy Unit ( with a letter explaining who you are and why you would like to be part of the IMAC.

(Pictured: Members of the council in discussion with the Katherine Strong Bala program)