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NO MORE Rally - Darwin

At Sunset Park in Nightcliff on Tuesday 30 April, the community came together for the NO MORE Rally to end men’s violence against women. We stood united, advocating for change and addressing the pressing issues of violence that disproportionately impact women. The event was a powerful call to action, emphasizing the need for urgent measures to combat domestic and sexual violence.

The event followed an outpouring of voices and huge attendances at rallies across Australia over the weekend, which were driven and co-ordinated by Sarah Williams and the What Were You Wearing organisation. We commend Sarah for bringing so many of us together.

Domestic and family violence is the most pressing safety issue facing Territorians. In Australia this year alone, 31 women have lost their lives due to gender-based violence—that’s one woman every four days. The Northern Territory faces even more staggering rates, with domestic violence rates three times the national average. It’s disheartening that despite knowing these statistics for a long time, they alone don’t seem to drive the necessary change. What’s required is an unrelenting call for change in community attitudes and men’s behavior. Men themselves must take meaningful action.

Our Territory and Australian Governments need to take violence against women seriously and ensure that front-line services are properly funded and able to meet the need. We also need investment in grassroots prevention and support for women who must leave unsafe relationships, including access to secure housing. We note the funds promised in the upcoming Federal Budget for the Leaving Violence Program, announced by the Prime Minister at today’s National Cabinet.

The rally was attended by a broad range of the community, including our fantastic domestic violence sector. Notable figures such as Chief Minister Eva Lawler, Domestic Violence Minister Kate Worden, and Federal Member Luke Gosling were all in attendance, along with candidates from the CLP, Greens, and independent parties.

The rally made its voice heard, emphasizing the need for men to step up, take responsibility, and for the government to seriously commit to funding core services for prevention and victim support.

A big thanks to our NO MORE Team, who tirelessly drive the NO MORE campaign, working to reduce domestic and family violence across the Northern Territory. They raise awareness, promote positive relationships, and collaborate with various stakeholders to effect social change.

Let’s continue to stand together, raise our voices, and work towards a future where NO MORE violence exists.

#NOmore #EndViolence #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference