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Welcome Peter Toman, Domestic Violence Counsellor

We would like to welcome Peter Toman to the NO MORE Campaign Team. Peter has been employed by CatholicCare NT as a Domestic Violence Counsellor. 

Peter has shared a bit of his background with us below.

Prior to coming to Darwin, I have worked with men who have spent long periods of time in jail for a range of crimes, and with men trying to stay out of jail. I have done this for the best part of the last 20 years. Prior to this I worked with injured workers going through the then new workers compensation rehabilitation process. I worked in a clinic which was set up by a trade union to ensure that workers were treated equitably in the return to work process.

I chose this area of work because I wanted, and still do, to work with men. Men who don’t want to see a counselor, men who don’t want to see a doctor, and men who don’t want to talk to anyone about difficult issues. I think they do want to talk to someone, I think that if we do it right, men will deal with the difficult issues in these areas of their lives, just like they deal with the issues of building roads and bridges and houses and all the rest of the infrastructure of our society.

I like to think that I work from a place of social justice, bred in a background of active trade unionism. 

If you think you are at risk of being violent towards your partner or a family member, give me a call to have a chat.