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Australian Emeralds & the NO MORE Campaign: Breaking the stigma of family violence

The Emeralds have been working with the NO MORE Campaign for over two years, through their activities in Indonesia with Diamonds in the Rough. The plan was born out of a workshop undertaken during the 2017 Japan High Performance Camp in Osaka, Japan where many of our current and prospective Emeralds came together to create the content, based on their ideas of what they can do to assist in stopping domestic and family violence.

On Wednesday April 4 at the Australian Women's Championship in Geelong, NO MORE Campaign Founder Charlie King, along with Australian Emeralds Head Coach Simone Wearne and Baseball Australia CEO Cam Vale launched the Emeralds own Domestic Violence Action Plan (DVAP), which contains details on how to report something if you become aware of an issue, providing support to those that need it, and raising awareness that domestic and family violence is not acceptable in our society.

To read the Emeralds' DVAP, or to see more photos from the event, visit their website.