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Brad White, Australian Mountain Runner

Australian Mountain Running Team

Family violence creates fear and anxiety within families and the community. It can leave women and children vulnerable and scared often not willing to return home in fear of further violent attacks. It can lead to serious mental conditions such as depression and further more, suicide.  A child who witnesses or experiences domestic violence will often have behavioural and emotional problems later in life. This can lead to broken relationships, further tolerance of violence, difficulty accepting loving partners and low self-esteem, often leading to further depression and a continued struggle to gain self-worth from men. Victims often lose their jobs because of absenteeism due to illness as a result of violence. Moving is costly and can interfere with continuity of employment but is often a necessity to ensure a safe living environment for the family.

Family violence can rip families apart. Respect for self and others in a relationship is vital and should be a given. Partners need to respect each other but should not compromise health or safety. Young people with respectful parents will be more likely to go on and have happy and healthy relationships with others and themselves.

I would like to create awareness of family violence through sport and work. At present, I travel Australia and internationally with sport and feel this is a great avenue to create awareness. My work, as a remote Podiatrist in Indigenous communities, enables me to raise awareness and empower victims to stand up and take control.

Stand Up, Speak Up, NO MORE!