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Emma Kraft, Australian Mountain Runner

Australian Mountain Running Team

Family violence can impact on the people and community in many ways, depending on the situation and the individual family make-up. Domestic and family violence does not discriminate and can happen behind any closed door within a community. Despite the immediate injuries and trauma, sometimes the impact does not hit until later on in the future when trying to establish their relationships or raising their own families. However, domestic and family violence can lead to many things in individuals and families such as constant fear, anger, depression, suicide, low self esteem, low self worth, jealousy, anxiety, eating disorders, self harm, trust issues, poor employment/education  outcomes, poverty, substance abuse which then may then fuel into their own family and domestic violence, repeating the cycle.

Having a respectful relationship is fundamental for healthy relationships, stronger families and brighter futures.  Both people in the relationship are equal and no-one should be more dominate no matter their race, gender or the amount of money they bring to the table. It is important for parents to act as role models to their children, to set the scene of respectful and fair relationships.  This will also make it one step closer in providing stronger families and brighter futures for all and saying ‘No More’ to domestic and family violence.

I want to be a positive role model in public but also behind closed doors amongst my personal relationship and within my family. I want the community to know that you do NOT have to put up with domestic and family violence. It is NOT acceptable and it is NOT okay if this is happening to you. I have had my own battle with domestic violence and no-one else should have to go through this. Not only is there the NO MORE Campaign raising awareness and education about this NOT being okay, but there is also support for people and families experiencing family violence and ways to get out of it. It is not okay, and I am saying NO MORE to domestic and family violence.

Family violence is NOT okay and no-one should have to live with this. NO MORE!