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Supporter Stories

Jenny Hamilton, Senior Constable First Class

NT Police Force

Domestic violence is not just spousal violence, it also includes long standing family feuds, disputes and fighting within extended families. The community needs to work together to support not only the victims but also the offender, to give them the support to change a lifetime of a violent mindset.

This program, the ‘No More’ campaign, is about stopping the violence and having people take responsibility for their behaviour, be accountable for their actions and find ways to redirect their emotions, together with others who understand.

The forgotten impact, that isn’t realised until after the dust has settled and the next phase of the domestic violence cycle has begun, is that upon the children. The eyes, ears and soul of each family who absorb everything they see and hear, learning intergenerational actions and behaviours.

What we are working together to achieve is to reduce violence through behavioural change, it needs to stop and together as a community we can say No More.