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John Bowden, General Manager, Athletics NT

Athletics NT

It was meant to be just another typical day that Monday-go to High School, go to rugby training and then walk across the road from the school to my part time job at the local dairy.  I was excited about the job, as it was my first one, and I would be making real money, not the sort of money my parents gave me to mow the lawns. The couple who employed me seemed really nice, laughed a lot and seemed to get on.

Unfortunately, it was a day that I constantly remember and was not in the least bit typical. It was a Monday where I saw, where I felt, where I heard anger, fear, and tears. I heard a woman’s cry pleading with her man to please stop.  I heard her utter those words she did not have to say “I am sorry”. I had to observe the sickening sound of a man hitting a woman, sounds I will never forget; of a woman cowering from someone who was meant to protect, take care, to encourage, respect, to value and love her.

It means that, me and you, especially us men, have to grow up. We have to be a community of men who absolutely adore and care for our wives, girlfriends, partners and children. Our women have to be safe in their homes and have to be safe in their relationships. They need not be fearful and scared, not reverting to drugs and alcohol to exist to make it through the day and not constantly depressed or having to make excuses of not showing up to work or making excuses for their bruises.

It is time to say NO MORE TO FAMILY VIOLENCE and for me, it started that Monday long ago.