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Natalie Gibbs, Communications, NT Cricket

NT Cricket

I believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and loved, whatever their circumstances, and it distresses me to see family violence affect so many in our community. It is vital for our emotional, physical and spiritual health that we live in environments where healthy and respectful relationships are in action on a daily basis.

I feel encouraged that the issue of family violence is slowly becoming more widely discussed but I know there is still a long way to go. I am really pleased and proud that I can help raise awareness of the impact of family violence through my role with NT Cricket.

Utilising sporting clubs to spread this very important message is a visible and effective way to educate the wider community to stand up and say NO MORE to family violence. Sports people are seen as role models in our community and I would love to see every sport throughout Australia involved in the NO MORE campaign. When sports clubs are seen to be developing Domestic Violence Action Plans, linking up before matches, discussing and raising the issue of family violence in clubrooms and addressing individual issues as they arise, they send a very powerful message to the wider community.

We need to keep working together, to say NO MORE to family violence, to see behaviour and attitudes continue to change, so that everyone in our community can feel safe and secure, wherever there they live.