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The Spirit of Football Award

The Centralian Advocate has partnered with the NO MORE Campaign and the Central Australian Football League in 2017, introducing the Spirit of Football Award for the Premier League competition.

The Spirit of Football Award will recognise players from across the CAFL who play within the spirit of the game from week to week, taking into consideration a range of different aspects of fair play.

Votes will be awarded to two players from each club on a round by round basis with on and off the field actions factoring into the award.

Actions such as showing respect towards an umpire, helping teammates, encouraging others, attending trainings and assisting the junior players will all be considered when votes are cast.

The votes from each round of Premier League action will be published in the Centralian Advocate each Tuesday with a running tally of votes also to be published.

The player with the most votes at the conclusion of the regular season will receive a trophy and a gift certificate to the value of $500.

NO MORE Campaign Founder Charlie King said he couldn't be happier to introduce the award.

"It's not whether you win or lose, it's the way you play the game," King said.

"That is an old saying but in today's world it rings truer than ever. The Spirit of Sport Award recognises players who believe that in sport, one team wins and one team doesn't and each week you live to play again.

"Sport is built on fairness, respect and a commitment to play within the rules of the game. No person is bigger than the sport itself and the protection of the sport is paramount if it continues to grow for the enjoyment of future generations.

"The NO MORE Family Violence Campaign is proud to join in partnership with the Centralian Advocate to recognise those players who do more than just play the game."

Article from Centralian Advocate 18 April 2017.